Sweet Lady Jane

Brand Identity
Paperwhite Studio, 2023

Today is the sweetest day.

With several beautifully designed dessert shops sprinkled throughout Los Angeles, Sweet Lady Jane offers confections that can be enjoyed on the spot or whisked away as the centerpiece of a celebration. For over 35 years, it has remained the premiere dessert destination for every special occasion across LA.

In an effort to elevate the brand identity to match the excellence of its sensational sweets, we engaged in a top-to-bottom visual refresh of the logo, packaging, signage, and more. Our rebrand strongly resonates with a new generation of cake lovers, and has laid the foundation for the continued and highly anticipated citywide expansion.

Sweet and sentimental, the new branding savors the classic cakery we know and love with a fresh face.

The Woolworth Bar

Brand Identity
Paperwhite Studio, 2024

Pouring the spirits of Chicago.

The Woolworth Bar captures the confluence of Chicago’s industrial, storied heritage. What was once a Woolworth’s department store with a casual lunch counter has evolved into a stately bar in the center of Washington Hall. Brushed with warm wood finishes and earthy green upholstery, the bar touts itself as an affable and fanciful escape for city dwellers. 

We crafted a beautifully bespoke brand identity central to the building’s history. Our custom logotype symbolizes the utilitarian architecture of Chicago and the subliminal ritz of a night on the town. Upon our forest green and cream color palette, we have designed ornate emblems, patterns, and textures to pair with pared back typography. The emerging brand identity strikes a balance between the new and the classic, further defining the bar’s convivial atmosphere.

Inspired by the dynamic history of the Windy City, our work helps The Woolworth Bar appeal to new generations with a reclaimed legacy.


Brand Identity
Paperwhite Studio, 2023

Power to the Pets.

Snoots is a disruptive, membership-based vet clinic specializing in premium pet care. No excesses or hidden fees. Unlike other clinics, they put pets at the center of everything with unlimited care for one flat rate.

To help launch the brand into the competitive pet care space, we grounded the new visual identity with purpose and clarity. The bold logo anchors the brand, while bright colors and clear messaging humanize it and the office that houses it. Ultimately, our work balances professionalism and approachability to set Snoots apart in the conventionally stark and stale vet care space.

Today, Snoots is expanding internationally from its home base in London to treat and empower pets everywhere.

Jack’s Wife Freda

Packaging, Brand Extension
Paperwhite Studio, 2023

Not your grandma’s wine.

15 years in the making, Jack’s Wife Freda is a lively café and culinary melting pot. Always collaborating with fellow New York brands, the restaurant jumped at the opportunity to fashion its own line of wines that pair well with its homespun fare and rollicking atmosphere.

Having helped forge the Jack’s Wife Freda legacy since its inception, we designed a wine packaging system that complements their memorable look we all know and love. Our design is inspired by the kitchen itself—labeling containers with yellow tape and unique handwriting—along with the homestyle art of collage. Going further, every varietal offered informs the color of the label that packages it. The result is a quirky cohesive design that accentuates Jack’s Wife Freda’s personality.

Our continued and ever evolving branding efforts for Jack’s Wife Freda have helped it become the cult favorite, perennial mainstay that it is today.

Paper Plate

Brand Identity

Paperwhite Studio, 2023

Tastes like home.

An unfussy homage to the classic American burger, Paper Plate is part of a series of renowned chef-driven food concepts in New York City’s smorgasburg. Serving up simply delicious smashburgers and sides, the burger shop keeps the menu simple and lets the quality of its food speak for itself.

Inspired by fast food nostalgia, we developed a familiar yet fresh visual identity. From a symbolic logo nodding to its namesake, to handicraft food illustrations, every touchstone embraces the sweet sentiment of comfort food.

Since our rebrand, Paper Plate has continued to expand across the city and boast the best burgers around.

Rani Vestal is an Indian-American, Texas-bred graphic designer and writer based in New York City. Her design practice is iterative, empathetic, and collaborative. She likes to tell beautiful stories that matter.

Lately, her personal passions are wine and painting which sometimes blend together in unexpected ways.

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